Tribute Artist

Staying Alive (Bee Gees)
Satisfaction (Rolling Stones Tribute)
Surf's Up (Beach Boys)
Steve Bobbitt (Rod Stewart)
The Blooze Brothers (Blues Brothers Tribute)
Captain Fantastic (Elton John)
Who's Bad (Michael Jackson)
Ryan Roth (Elvis Tribute)
The Motown Sounds of Touch (Motown Tribute)
7 Bridges (The Ultimate Eagles Experience)
Mr. Speed (Kiss)
Parrots of The Carribean (Jimmy Buffet)
Brit Beat (Beatles)
Terry Lee Goffee (Johnny Cash)
Brass Tracks (Chicago/EW&F Tribute)
Natural Wonder (Tribute to Stevie Wonder)
Mr. Stranger (Billy Joel Tribute)
Brass Transit (The Best Chicago Tribute)
Back to Avalon (A Tribute to Heart)
Almost Queen (Queen Tribute)
Bebe Le Strange (Heart Tribute)

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